First episode of ETN Decentralised Energy Systems webinar series: An overview of the CHP market

ETN Global is pleased to invite you to the first episode of its new webinar series on Decentralised Energy Systems. The event will take place on Thursday, 26 October at 15.00 (CET). During the event, the following presentations will be delivered:

– “Overview of Cogeneration Around the World with a Special Focus on Europe”, given by Hans Korteweg (Managing Director, COGEN Europe & Executive Director, COGEN World Coalition)

– “Between Efficiency and Net Zero: The Changing Face of the UK CHP Market”, given by Oz Russell (Industrial Policy Officer, Association for Decentralised Energy)

Participants of ETN Decentralised Energy Systems Working Group chose the overview of CHP Market as the topic for the first webinar episode. Other follow-up webinars are being organised, each of them covering a wide range of items related to decentralised energy systems: CHP market; modelling and energy management systems; decentralised energy systems solutions; policies and regulations.

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Webinar proceedings:



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