ETN Networking Coffee Break – first session, presented by CECO Environmental

ETN is organising a series of virtual “coffee breaks” for our members. Each ETN Networking Coffee Break includes a short presentation from one ETN member organisation about their latest technology developments, or an introduction to a new project or a topic of interest to the ETN community, followed by discussions with the call participants around the same theme.


First Networking Coffee Break – 26 November 2020, 15:00-15:30 CET

How to increase operational flexibility and efficiency while meeting current and future emission legislation?

There is a growing need for utilities and industrial users to both decarbonise as well as to lower the emissions in the energy transition. The new energy mix, with an increasing amount of intermittent renewable generation, requires increasing operational flexibility and efficiency.

During this Networking Coffee Break session, CECO Environmental introduced two solutions that they have developed. Their presentations highlighted:

  • implementation of the latest design emission system, which can be applied both in new build as well as in retrofit applications
  • re-using waste gas in a petrochemical plant reducing fuel consumption, increasing efficiency and reducing emissions, while maintaining a maximum operational flexibility

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