Second episode of ETN webinar series – Decentralised Energy Systems – Modelling Tools

ETN is pleased to announce the launch of the second episode of its Decentralised Energy Systems webinar series.

The upcoming episode, which will take place on Monday, 4 December from 15.00 to 16.00 (CET), will focus on modelling tools for decentralised energy systems.

During the event, distinguished speakers will include:

  • Paul Barberi (Senior Project Manager, Artelys), presenting “The INSULAE Investment Planning Tool: A Powerful Software to Help Island Decision-Makers Design their Energy Strategies”
  • Sergio Herraiz Jaramillo (Associate Professor, University of Girona), with a presentation on “Facilitating Local Multi Vector Energy Systems: Operational Planning”

Abstracts of the presentations

The INSULAE Investment Planning Tool: A Powerful Software to Help Island Decision-Makers Design their Energy Strategies

The presentation will focus on the introduction of the Investment Planning Tool, an energy modelling tool that have been developed within the scope of the INSULAE H2020 project. Its first objective was to assess the replication potential of the different use cases studied on the three lighthouse islands of the project (Unije, Bornholm and Madeira).The main features of the tool will be described, together with some examples of their use in the project.Finally, a brief overview of the commercialisation roadmap will show the target users of the tool and release information.

Facilitating local multi vector energy systems: operational planning

Local energy systems (LES) pose important challenges in their operation due to their weak interconnection with the bulk power system. The solution developed in the European-funded E-LAND H2020 project, aimed for optimal operation of multi-vector LES and isolated communities, and its implementation in pilot sites, is presented in this webinar The Optimal Scheduler tool offers refined operation of a LES on a daily basis – leveraging local storage assets and dispatchable loads. It utilizes energy forecasts of local production assets and load, provided by the data-driven models of Energy Forecaster tool. 
Attendance & registrations

Registrations to this event are free, but mandatory. To register, please follow the link at the top right of this page.

If you want to speak to us, write us an email -> 📧 



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