Decentralised Energy Systems Working Group – launch meeting

ETN’s new Decentralised Energy Systems Working Group will bring together stakeholders of the value chain for decentralised energy solutions involving micro and small gas turbines, with the objective to accelerate the development of cost-efficient integrated secure technology solutions in line with the market needs. The Working Group aims to explore market opportunities and solutions, initiate cooperation projects to reduce cost and increase the technology readiness level of individual components, the gas turbine system and its integration into decentralised and multi-vector sustainable energy systems, as well as its interfaces and interaction with other system components.

The first part of our virtual launch meeting will be organised on 23 September (15:30-17:00 CEST), followed by the second part of the meeting on 28 September (15:00-16:30 CEST). These virtual meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams, with invitations to be sent directly to registered attendees. Both meetings are open to all ETN members.



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