Brian Pitt Excellence Award: A Master’s Thesis Competition

BPEA 2024 Online Competition 

The online competition of the Brian Pitt Excellence Award was held on July 3rd where five master’s students presented their thesis results and competed for a grant to travel and attend the ETN October Workshop 2024. 

Simona Calenda from Politecnico di Milano won the competition. A big thank you to all participants throughout the competition, and best of luck to everyone in their future career endeavors.

Make sure to stay updated for the opening of the 2025 edition.

Online Competition: Recorded Video

About Brian Pitt Excellence Award

The Brian Pitt Excellence Award pays tribute to Brian Pitt, a former Rolls-Royce employee and co-founder of the Association of European Manufacturers of Industrial Gas Turbines (EuMIGT) in 1997. He also served as a supporting partner in the CE-IGT (Centres of Excellence for Industrial Gas Turbines) project between 2003-2005.

Throughout his professional journey, Brian Pitt was devoted to fortifying the European research landscape in gas turbines. His vision encompassed the establishment of a centre of excellence for gas turbine technology, aiming to boost efficiency, cut costs, and expedite innovation. Pitt was a proponent of dismantling traditional barriers among companies, start-ups, and universities by fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. He championed open collaboration involving customers, suppliers, university researchers, and even competitors, seeking to facilitate access to high-quality ideas and drive innovation in gas turbine technology. His significant contributions played a crucial role in the formation of what we now identify as ETN Global, thanks to his close association with Christer Björkqvist, the Managing Director of ETN.

The Brian Pitt Excellence Award acknowledges individuals who exemplify Pitt’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the gas turbine field.




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