2024 ASME Turbomachinery Conference and Expo

Quick overview:

Make your plans to join 2,500+ turbomachinery professionals at ASME’s Turbo Expo in London, 24-28 June. This is your opportunity to connect with your gas-turbine community in dedicated networking sessions, promote your company’s products, and gain insights from leaders from industry, government, and academia.

For programme, sponsorship opportunities, and registration, visit the 2024 ASME Turbo Conference & Expo website.


ETN Global’s involvement:

ETN Global will be present at the event at Booth number 311.

Our Managing Director Christer Björkqvist will be co-chairing the following sessions:

  • 24 June 2024, 11:30-3:30 PM – 08-01. Voice of the Customer- decarbonization pathways and international cooperation.
    • The co-chair is Rob Steele (EPRI)
    • This session is designed to offer the R&D community critical guidance on technology development needs and targets for a successful energy transition balancing sustainability, security, and affordability. The panel of experts includes:
      • Pascal Bourdeaux, Head of Decarbonisation – Research & Innovation, ENGIE
      • Jon Runyon, Gas Turbine Combustion Engineer, Uniper
      • Dominique Orhon, Senior Turbomachinery Expert, TotalEnergies Energies
      • Jungkeuk Park, Team Leader – Low Carbon Gas Turbine Team, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)






  • 27 June 2024, 11:30-3:30 PM – 08-02. Pathways Forward: Future Gas Turbine OEM Developments & Technology Update.
    • The co-chair is Benjamin Emerson (Georgia Institute of Technology)
    • This session is designed to inspire and guide the research and development community, fostering collaboration to accelerate the transition towards fully sustainable gas turbine solutions. The panel of experts includes:
      • Ghenadie Bulat, Head of New Technologies at Gas Services Div, Siemens Energy
      • Federico Bonzani, Director of Turbine and Technology, Ansaldo Energia
      • Dan Reitz, Manager, Product and Technology Strategy, Solar Turbines
      • Chris Barkey, CTO, Baker Hughes

Our colleagues Antonio Escamilla (Client Relationship Manager) and Giuseppe Tilocca (Scientific Officer) will be providing tutorials of basics at Track 6: Cycle Innovations together with David Sanchez (Full Professor, University of Seville) and Tony Hynes (CEO, Aurelia Turbines).

The tutorial is titled “Micro-gas turbine: technological advancements and market research”. It will allow you to:

  • Delve into the particulars of micro-gas turbines, catering to beginners and experts alike in turbomachinery and energy systems.
  • Explore thermodynamic principles, combustion advancements, and material significance.
  • Gain insights into the micro-gas turbine market’s evolution towards sustainability and market dominance.

For programme, sponsorship opportunities, and registration, visit the 2024 ASME Turbo Conference & Expo website.


ExCel, London, UK



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