Webinar on Power Generation and Feul Fle…

Opra Turbines organised a Webinar (free) on Power Generation and Fuel Flexibility for Oil & Gas and CHP Applications Utilising Small Gas Turbines. The Webinar took place on 13 November 2014 (15:00 London / 10:00 New York).

Key learning objectives:

  • Learn about fuel flexible and clean gas turbine power. Learn about challenges of fuels and how to benefit from this exemplified with case studies. Operation on untreated wellhead gas offshore and onshore with case studies.
  • Learn about the new OP16 3C gas turbine and lean fuel applications.
  • Learn about the advantages of combined heat and power (CHP). Learn about the basic layout of a CHP system and options for the use of the exhaust heat. Learn about the advantages of CHP with the OP16 gas turbine.
  • Learn about radial gas turbines. Understand how smaller gas turbines can be beneficial for changing markets.

Presented by:

  • Lars-Uno Axelsson, Chief Engineer Development
  • Igor Chistyakov, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Ruud van Groenewoud, Sales Engineer
  • Ahmet Yöntem, Lead Application Engineer

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