Brian Pitt Excellence Award: A Master’s Thesis Competition

Last update 

10/05/2024: A summarized version of the participant’s thesis has been received. The top 5 candidates who will participate in the online competition will be announced on 31 May 2024.

About Brian Pitt Excellence Award

The Brian Pitt Excellence Award pays tribute to Brian Pitt, a former Rolls-Royce employee and co-founder of the Association of European Manufacturers of Industrial Gas Turbines (EuMIGT) in 1997. He also served as a supporting partner in the CE-IGT (Centres of Excellence for Industrial Gas Turbines) project between 2003-2005.

Throughout his professional journey, Brian Pitt was devoted to fortifying the European research landscape in gas turbines. His vision encompassed the establishment of a centre of excellence for gas turbine technology, aiming to boost efficiency, cut costs, and expedite innovation. Pitt was a proponent of dismantling traditional barriers among companies, start-ups, and universities by fostering collaboration and the exchange of ideas. He championed open collaboration involving customers, suppliers, university researchers, and even competitors, seeking to facilitate access to high-quality ideas and drive innovation in gas turbine technology. His significant contributions played a crucial role in the formation of what we now identify as ETN Global, thanks to his close association with Christer Björkqvist, the Managing Director of ETN.

The Brian Pitt Excellence Award acknowledges individuals who exemplify Pitt’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the gas turbine field.


About the Competition

Master’s students now have a remarkable opportunity to present their pioneering research in the ever-evolving domains of energy and turbomachinery, carrying forward the legacy initiated by Brian Pitt in the past. This competition aims to recognize outstanding contributions made by Master’s students, nurturing their career advancement in both academic and industry spheres. The ETN Young Engineers Committee spearheads this competition with support from the ETN Office.

The competition winner will receive:

  • A fully funded invitation to attend the ETN October Workshop (8-10 October) in Stuttgart including round-trip travel expenses, accommodation and registration fees covered by ETN Global, and
  • the opportunity to present their research to the entire Energy and Turbomachinery Community.

The other 4 finalists will receive: 

  • A complimentary Conference Admission to attend the ETN October Workshop.

Join us in celebrating and advancing the field of energy and turbomachinery. Seize this opportunity to be recognized for your innovative contributions and connect with leading professionals in the industry! Good luck to all participants!


Registration is now closed. You can register your interest for the next edition in 2025 (see below).

For inquiries or additional information, please contact Antonio Escamilla at

The eligible participants must adhere to all the criteria mentioned below:

  • Enrollment in the participation is available for master’s students currently registered in a Master’s Programme at one of the ETN-affiliated universities (ETN members). The assignment of a Master’s thesis subject must have already taken place, and the thesis defense should occur no later than September 30, 2024. Individuals who submitted their Master’s Thesis after October 1, 2023, are also eligible to participate.
  • The subject of the Master’s Thesis should be related to one or more of the following five categories in the domain of turbomachinery.
    • Low Carbon Solutions, 
    • Energy Efficiency,
    • Operational Optimization, 
    • Decentralized Energy Systems, 
    • Product Sustainability. 

For further information on the topics of interest, candidates are encouraged to make use of the 2023 ETN Research and Development Report and ETN Technology Wheel

The competition is organized in three stages:

  • Stage I: Initial Abstract Submission (deadline: 29 March 2024)
  • Stage II: Summarized Thesis Submission (deadline: 10 May 2024)
  • Stage III: Online Competition Event (3 July 2024)

The first two stages consist of written submissions, whilst the competition will be an online space for students to present their work in front of academics and industry leaders in the energy and turbomachinery field. Important dates for the competition are: 

  • 29 March: Deadline for abstract submission
  • 12 April: Notification of selected abstracts
  • 10 May: Deadline for Summarized Thesis Submission
  • 31 May: Notification of Top 5 selected participants
  • 21 June: Deadline for Presentation Submission (feedback will be provided by 27 June)
  • 3 July: Online Competition Event
  • 8-10 October: ETN October Workshop Winner Presentation

Stage I – Abstract Submission

Participants are required to submit an abstract of their thesis, highlighting key aspects of their research. The abstract should provide an overview of the research question aims and key objectives, the methods used and the (expected) results and outcome of the study.

  • Abstract should contain:
    • Title of the MSc Thesis, names of Author and Supervisor(s), affiliation and full addresses of Author and Supervisor(s).
    • Up to five keywords in descending order of importance.
    • Language: All abstracts must be written in high-quality English and authors of selected papers must be able to present their topics in English.
  • Submission procedure: see the Registration section below. 

Stage II – Summarized Thesis

Upon successful abstract selection, participants will be invited to submit a summarized version of their work. The summarized thesis should provide an introduction and background on the challenge being tackled, and the potential impact of your research and its relevance to the broader academic community or real-world applications, it should provide a short literature review justifying the selection of the study and how it addresses current challenges or gaps in knowledge, methods should be clearly explained with supporting literature as to their selection, and results must be presented and analyzed with a corresponding conclusion.

  • Format: PDF document, from 6 to 10 pages in total, including all the sections required. 
  • Document formatting guidelines:
  • Evaluation Rubric: The reports will be evaluated based on the Report Evaluation Rubric
  • Submission procedure: those whose abstract was accepted, submit your summirized thesis report by filling in the following form before 10 May at 17:00 CEST – Submission Form

Stage III – Competition Event

After the evaluation of the stage II submissions, five selected participants will be invited to present their summarized theses in a 7-minute presentation during the Energy and Turbomachinery Network Master’s Thesis Competition. The presentations will provide an opportunity for participants to showcase their work and engage with the judging panel. The presentation should cover the information provided in the summarized thesis, respecting the time limit. It should communicate the research effectively and covers the main aspects of your thesis, including the problem statement, methodology, results, and conclusions. More information and guidelines will be provided to the contestants at this stage.

  • The event will be held on the 3 July, it will have a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Format: PPT presentation, 7 minutes max. + 3 minutes Q&A. 
  • Submission Procedure: you will be contacted by the organising committee for further instructions.
  • Notification of winner: winner will be announced at the end of the event.

A panel composed of ETN members will evaluate based on the:

  • Relevance of the topic,
  • Originality of the work (how your work contributes to the existing body of knowledge in your field and what makes it stand out),
  • Quality of academic writing,
  • Impact in the field,
  • Communication and presentation skills.

The winner of the 2024 Brian Pitt Excellence Award will receive a fully funded invitation to attend the Energy and Turbomachinery Network (ETN) October Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany.

The prize for the winner includes the following:

  • Exclusive chance to present their investigation results in front of a diverse and influential audience at the ETN October Workshop.
  • Round-trip travel expenses, accommodation and registration fees for participation at the ETN October Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany.
  • A distinctive certification acknowledging the victorious achievements in the competition.
  • Networking opportunities with professionals and experts in the field.

(The winning participant must be available to attend the ETN October Workshop scheduled on 8-10 October 2024)

Two other prizes are awarded for the other 4 finalists:

  • An exclusive certification recognizing their participation in the final round.
  • Complimentary conference admission to attend the ETN October Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany.

Registration for the 2024 Brian Pitt Excellence Award: Master’s Thesis Competition is NOW CLOSED

If you are interested in participating for the next edition in 2025, register your interest below. 

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