Is Hydrogen the Answer to Low-Emission Turbomachinery?

ETN will partner with Turbomachinery International to organise a webcast “Is Hydrogen the Answer to Low-Emission Turbomachinery?”, to be held on 29 June 2021 (17:00-18:00 Central European Summer Time).

The webcast offers an overview of the various elements of the hydrogen economy, the different types of hydrogen, where turbomachinery fits into the hydrogen economy, the challenges involved, and the economics of hydrogen. It addresses questions such as:

  • How likely is a truly hydrogen-based economy? How long will it be before it takes shape?
  • How is it possible to achieve CO2 neutral flexible dispatchable power in the energy transition and what is its implementation path? 
  • What will be the role of hydrogen gas turbines from a user perspective? 
  • What kind of hydrogen partnership opportunities exist for gas turbine retrofits?
  • What is needed to provide complete upgrade packages to support the value chain of hydrogen implementation within existing gas turbine power plants?

Speakers will include Geert Laagland, Director of Engineering at Vattenfall / Co-Chair of ETN’s Hydrogen Working Group; Peter Stuttaford, CEO, Ansaldo Thomassen; and Pierre Dechamps, Ambassador at EU Climate Pact / Senior Advisor at FTI Consulting.

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