SGT-A35 | RB211 User Group Meeting 2019

ETN’s SGT-A35 (formerly Industrial RB211) User Group Meeting was held on 7-9 May 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, hosted by Shell.

The SGT-A35 User group – that ETN has initiated in 2017 – was founded to help the community to share experiences, and to highlight in a coordinated way the most widespread issues users encounter while operating or maintaining a specific type of gas turbine. The point is to create the opportunity for a direct dialogue between the Users, the OEM, the Independent Service Providers (ISP) and finally the R&D community. This independent user meeting is therefore a well-tried method for open, inclusive and constructive discussions and, ultimately, concrete results.

Venue and agenda

The SGT-A35 User Group Meeting took place at Shell’s Technology Centre in Amsterdam.


This is a unique meeting where the agenda is set by the user community of this engine.

The two-day event included:

  • Discussions among Users only on top issues and topics regarding the SGT-A35 |RB211 engine family;
  • Sessions with ISPs and Suppliers
  • An exhibition area

Click here to download the Draft Agenda of the event (v20190503)

IndexUGM 2019 CategoryTopic
23CAT-1HP Thrust Bearing
71CAT-1Alarms and trips rationalisation
92CAT-1PT Seals
116CAT-1Abradables of HP compressor
101.2CAT-1Not meeting LCP BREF Emission with DLE engine
109CAT-1Hot Corrosion on Plates Behind Fuel Injectors
119CAT-1High Temperature Spread at exhaust
123CAT-1HP turbine blade failure
103CAT-1IP turbine blade failure
102CAT-1Flooded engine due to Isolation valve closed
108CAT-1HP Oil Pump distress
120CAT-1Defective seal on pump shaft on Oil leak
122CAT-1Spare parts lead time excessively long
107CAT-1PT Inboard Bearing Seals variety of designs
110.1CAT-1PT RT61 Overhaul options
110.2CAT-1No competition on PT Overhaul
115CAT-1Power Turbine Disks and Rotor Life Assessment
111CAT-1Cables burned by Water Mist
104CAT-1Procedure to commission a DLE engine after overhaul
121CAT-1Hexavalent Chromium
24CAT-2Stage 5 & 6 HPC Cycle Fatigue
6CAT-2Dual Fuel Burners erosion/cracking
118CAT-2Welding corrosion on Exhaust Cone
112CAT-2Quill shaft – Defective Lateral Analysis on Low Speed Shaft Lines
106CAT-2PT Nozzles Module D & positioning key
105CAT-2Unbalance and Power turbine alignment
117CAT-2Starter crash re-engagement
62CAT-3Coking of manifolds on dual fuel engines
22CAT-3Compressor HP/IP Bearing Support (Spider) wear
95CAT-3Turbine Curvic Coupling corrosion
27CAT-3Compressor OGV 7th stage new design
113CAT-3Oil migration to the Bleed of Valve
114CAT-3PT instrument access vs. barrel arrangement

CAT-1: events with an important impact on operations and that will be focused on during discussions at the meeting.
CAT-2: events with a lower impact.
CAT-3: situations or issues that do not have high financial consequences, but could be a source of trouble on the daily operations point of view.


If you would be interested to receive more details about the event, please contact Valentin Moëns at vm[at]


The following ETN Members are part of the SGT-A35 User Group Steering Committee:



The event is sponsored by the following ETN Members and partners:



Amsterdam, Netherlands



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