Working Groups

ETN Working Groups connect the key stakeholders in the gas turbine community to address issues through projects of common interest.


  • Objective of ETN’s Additive Manufacturing Working Group:
    • Strengthen cooperation between stakeholders of the turbomachinery value chain on additive manufacturing (AM) topics
  • Current Activities:
    • AM equipment and process database
    • Product quality and control
    • R&D roadmaps


  • Objective of the Air Filtration Working Group:
    • Provide a single point of reference for state-of-the-art filtration technology
    • Address air filtration issues through projects of common interest
  • Current Focus of ETN WG:
    • Harmonization of different testing procedures for static filter systems in the marine and offshore environment


  • Objective of the Life Assessment and Extension Working Group:
    • Evaluate Component Life
    • Understand Rotor Integrity
    • Assess Compressor Integrity
    • Advance Non-Destructive Inspection Techniques
    • Address Thermal Fatigue and Creep
  • Current Focus of ETN WG:
    • Evaluating the remaining cyclic life of gas turbine parts and exploring the possibility of extending maintenance intervals for units operating under cyclic duties,
    • Rotor and Rotor Disc Lifing,
    • Evaluation of compressor integrity and reliability. This involves developing a comprehensive inspection and risk assessment method for compressor components to reduce the risk of unplanned outages.

Decentralized Energy Systems WG

  • Objective of ETN’s Additive Manufacturing Working Group:
    • Identify and assess promising applications for gas turbine integration in decentralized energy systems
    • Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of integrating gas turbines with advanced control and energy management systems
    • Address challenges of intermittent renewable energy with gas turbine solutions
  • Current Activities:
    • Identification of open issues and gaps to close from the users’ point of view
    • Report on advanced Decentralized Energy Systems capable of facilitating Carbon-Neutral Energy Solutions for Gas Turbines.



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