Technical Committee 3 : Material Degradation, Repair Technologies & Manufacturing

Chair and co-chair
  • Chair: Ron van Gestel, Chromalloy

  • Co-Chairs:

    Daniel Mack, Julich Research Center

  • Nigel Simms, University of Cranfield

List of members

Achieve full insight in the mechanisms that have a negative effect on the performance of the engine, the individual components specifically, and understand how these mechanisms can be positively influenced by an alternative operation/maintenance strategy. The interaction of the different mechanisms will also be considered.

With the knowledge collected, develop – in line with the requirements – alternative, improved alloy – coating combinations that can be used in the current and future turbine designs and that perform in accordance with the demands stated for that design.



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TC3 Related Technical Papers
TC3 Research areas include


Identification of the life limiting degradation models of the key gas turbine engine components;


Extension of the predictability and modeling of the key degradation mechanisms (e.g. bondcoat oxidation or spallation of TBCs during cyclic operation); monitoring of such damage is covered by TC4;


Extension of the limits of reparability by improved insight into the occurrence and behavior of the failure mechanisms;


Consequences of repair processes on future component lifetimes;



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