Technical Committee 2 : Operational and Fuel Flexibility

Chair and co-chair
  • Chair: Jean-Louis Vignolo,

    GE Power & Water

  • Co-Chair: Yannis Hardalupas,

    Imperial College London

List of Members

Improved performance of gas turbine components and intelligent system integration will enhance fuel efficiency and environmental performance of future power generation units.

To have gas turbines capable of operating in an efficient, safe and reliable manner utilising a wide range of fuels for a broad operational range whilst minimising polluting emission such as NOx and aiming at zero CO2 emissions.





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TC2 Related Technical Papers
TC2 Research areas include
Increased plant operational flexibility and efficiency, using retrofit solutions as well as new technologies;


Optimisation of the gas turbine efficiency over a wide operating range;


Development of hybrid gas turbine cycles (solar gas turbines, fuel cells, etc.);


Faster start-up, power ramping;


Materials and coatings technologies for high CO2/high steam hot gas path environments.


Impact of the integration of CO2 capture technologies on operational and fuel flexibility.



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